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What if you could add a single piece of outdoor lighting that would forever change your how you thought about your landscape? Thanks to Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Delaware Valley, that element is here and we are certain that you are going to love it. Decorative outdoor lighting features are gorgeous landscape pieces that come in various sizes and patterns to fit all manner of architectural designs.

Timeless Beauty

The beautiful dance of light and shadow and metal is magnified with decorative outdoor lighting. As you can see in this Waterlily obelisk, the fine design of metal casts a surprisingly intense shadow that creates another layer against the brick pavers. Suddenly, you are not merely walking up to a front door, or simply providing a welcoming light for your family and friends. With attraction lighting, your pathway becomes living art.

Framing the details

Like so many things in life, the difference between common and exceptional comes down to subtle details in design and installation. Throughout the Delaware Valley, those keys make all the difference in quality, longevity and performance when it comes to decorative outdoor lighting. Ever-so-slight twists in the leaves and stemwork, and even the frame itself, as you can see in this leaf bollard detail are just one example of the craftsmanship and attention to detail. The end result is an expansive spread of illuminated patterns reflected beautifully on your property.

Snowlight’s Appeal

Attraction lighting as a sculpture is lovely to behold by day. It is; however, truly seen in its best light after the sun fades. The striking interplay of light and shadow are able to glisten off the blanketed surface. The visual appeal of attraction lighting year round makes them an especially worthy feature to your home’s landscape.

In Wilmington, Delaware decorative outdoor lighting features give new meaning to artful design. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Delaware Valley offers unsurpassed design, installation and service for all your outdoor, pool, architectural façade, landscape, path, deck, patio, and garden lighting. We service all of Wilmington DE outdoor lighting needs, both commercial and residential. See your home or business transformed with lights through our professional, energy-efficient LED lighting installations and retrofits. To discuss how to enhance your outdoor landscape lighting, call us today at (Delaware) 302.588.7050 or in (Pennsylvania) 610-874-6630. You can email us or visit our website. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Delaware Valley is a sister company of Cider Mill Landscapes.

Elegance by design personified by our extensive array of gorgeous decorative outdoor lighting options.

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