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Wilmington Architectural Façade Lighting Enhances Curb Appeal

Curb appeal is the number one reason that homeowners choose to install architectural façade lighting to their Delaware Valley home. Without proper outdoor lighting, there is really nothing of significance to call attention to the property, once the sun goes down. The beauty of architectural façade lighting is the immediate sense of reflected welcome and care. Perhaps, you have impressive, beautiful stone, timber, plank, or a combination of exterior siding choices that in the dark are unseen. With a calming wash of light, these features are allowed to softly glow back in an amazing play of shadow, texture and depth that would otherwise be unseen. Your home may have a graceful pattern of arched windows or custom shutters that outdoor uplighting can accent as it draws the eye around the home’s perimeter. Does your entrance feature detailed millwork? Consider letting it be a feature not to be missed when daylight fades by using feature lighting, in addition to your entrance lamps.

Regardless of whether or not you are putting your home on the market, curb appeal is an important factor in your home’s beauty, safety and security. As described above, the beauty of your home is amplified greatly with exterior lighting. Plenteous lighting also ensures safe footing and a reduced risk of falls. Architectural façade lighting also enhances the security of your home. Criminals do not want to be seen and identified. Effective outdoor lighting helps lower your risk of an evening break-in by making your home a much less attractive a target.

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Delaware Valley offers unsurpassed design, installation and service for all your outdoor, pool, architectural façade, landscape, path, deck, patio, and garden lighting. We service all of Wilmington DE outdoor lighting needs, both commercial and residential. See your home or business transformed with lights through our professional, energy-efficient LED lighting installations and retrofits. To discuss how to enhance your outdoor landscape lighting, call us today at (Delaware) 302.588.7050 or in (Pennsylvania) 610.874.6630. You can email us or visit our website. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Delaware Valley is a sister company of Cider Mill Landscapes.

Architectural Façade Lighting in Wilmington DE

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